wmv to dvd


WMV (Windows Media Video) files are files which can be played on Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. WMV is essentially a set of video codecs developed by Microsoft for integrating a media framework along with it’s WMV to DVD Converter SoftwareWindows operating system.

The container format for .wmv files is the ASF format, which is also built to support AVI files, again and not surprisingly, basically used to play, store and transfer media files on computers with the Windows operating system and WMV compatible media players. Also to be noted is the fact that WMV files are the most commonly used files which are DRM  ( Digital Rights Management ) protected.  Which is not surprising, given
Microsoft’s track record of protecting their content and providing support to clients and users for further protection.

DVD ( Digital Video Disc ) is an optical data storage device which can hold large capacities of digital data like high quality video and movies. A VOB ( DVD Video Object or Versioned Object Base ) file is a container format for DVD video files. An explanation of VOB files is beyond the scope of this article, but a study of the software part of the DVD format is essentially a study of the VOB container file format. With CD’s or Compact Disc’s becoming virtually obsolete with the emergence of high capacity storage HD DVD’s and Blueray disc’s,  more and more video editing tools are geared to conversion between these two highly popular media formats, WMV to DVD.

Streaming video on the internet is a business fraught with copyrights violations and rampant file-sharing. It’s highly likely that video downloaded from the internet will be in .wmv format. And if you want to put together a DVD as a collection of all your WMV files, you need a WMV to DVD converter. This would likely involve unlocking the DRM protection, and then burning the unprotected WMV files onto a DVD using a DVD authoring tool. Needless to say, it would be nifty if you had a tool which included both functions, i.e. unlocking DRM locked WMV files and then burning them onto a DVD.

The Aplus WMV to DVD converter will take convert of footage from multiple movies and episodic files to standard MPEG2 Video and burn it into a DVD seamlessly.